Peel and Stick Tiles

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For an instant and easy makeover of your kitchen or bathroom, peel and stick vinyl tiles are an excellent option. These self-adhesive DIY tiles come with strong backing adhesive and PU glue on top, making them simple, fast, and affordable for creating a mosaic backsplash or tiling surfaces. These tiles are waterproof, scratch-proof, anti-ultraviolet, and with a high-gloss appearance that offers protection and pollution-free tiling.

As the peel and stick tile supplier in China, we provide a variety of designs and colors, including subway, square mosaic, and hexagon patterns. The tiles are lightweight, convenient to ship, and require no special tools or skills for installation. They are also easy to remove, as the adhesive glue is softened with a hairdryer, making it possible to peel off the whole tile. But do notice the tile stickers are not suitable for home exterior walls, or floors. It is best to wait up to three weeks to install them on freshly painted walls to avoid damage. The adhesive tiles are heat-resistant and can be used behind the kitchen stove backsplash. They can also be placed over existing smooth ceramic or stone tiles.

We are the direct adhesive vinyl tile manufacturer, we have more than 300 designs available for purchase, with worldwide shipping available.